Alimony Calculator, presented by Finn & Eaton, P.C.

Alimony and child support can be very contested issues in divorce, paternity, and other child custody cases in Massachusetts.  We released our free Massachusetts Child Support Calculator for Android smartphones and tables in June 2013.  Last month, we were excited to release our Alimony Calculator on our website.

Alimony CalculatorOur Alimony Calculator is able to calculate the presumptive range for general term alimony awards in Massachusetts divorce cases, as well as the presumptive maximum duration of a general term alimony award.

It is important to note that general term alimony is just one of four kinds of alimony in Massachusetts (the others are rehabilitative alimony, reimbursement alimony, and transitional alimony), and there is an important interplay between alimony and child support.

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