Distinctions between Acquiring a Business versus Acquiring a Business’s Assets

MomPopGeneralStoreSign-300x206When a starting or expanding a business, for some with sufficient capitalization, there is the opportunity to acquire an existing business, or acquiring that existing business’s assets.  Either option obviously depends largely on whether the targeted business is willing to either be acquired in whole, or sell off its assets.

When acquiring a business, all that comes with that business is acquired: assets, receivables, contracts, leases, payables, etc.

By contrast, when acquiring a business’s assets, merely the assets are being acquired.  That can include any liens that may come with any of the business’s assets.

There are, of course, many points in between acquiring only the assets, and acquiring the entire business.  If you are looking to expand a business in Massachusetts, contact the attorneys at Finn & Eaton, P.C. in Saugus and Woburn by calling 781 484-1066 or sending an email to schedule a free initial consult.

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