“I am Getting Divorced. Am I Going to Have to Go Back to Work?”

Going through a divorce is a significant transition.  Many people going through it have heard horror stories from friends or relatives, and wonder whether they will have similar experiences.

QuestionDollarOne of the more common questions that we hear during our initial meetings with clients has to do with whether an individual will have to go back to work, or increase their hours at work, after their divorce is final.

The answer to this question can be found by examining the finances of the family, as well as the legal aspects to their divorce (including M.G.L. c. 208 §§34, 48-55, and if there are any children the Massachusetts Child Support Guidelines).

Of course, the combined expenses for a divorcing couple will be higher after the divorce than before it, as there will be two households to pay for.  How your finances are divided, and how much support, if any, is paid, will determine whether someone has to return to work, or increase their hours.

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