Mediation After a Divorce

As divorce mediation becomes more common, so does post-divorce mediation.  Often times, after a divorce, there are ongoing obligations or ties between a recently-divorced couple.  This can include co-parenting children, a child support obligation, or an alimony obligation.

With these ongoing obligations, comes the possibility that the nature of the obligation should change in the future.  The most obvious example is someone losing a job and not being able to afford a child support or alimony obligation.  Another example is a child becoming more involved in after-school activities, and dealing with the scheduling and cost issues that come with those activities.

Argument - Yes and NoGenerally speaking, filing a Complaint for Modification will mean that the court will attempt to schedule a trial in about eight months.  Some of these issues (1) require more-timely attention, and (2) might not require a trial if the two former spouses can discuss the matter with a mediator.  Not only can it save time and money, but it can produce resolutions that properly consider the concerns and needs of both.

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