How Are Holidays Handled in a Divorce?

Where a child will be on a birthday, or a holiday, or a school vacation, can be difficult in a two-parent household, with each parent balancing their families so that their child can spend time with both.  When parents separate and divorce, this process can become all the more difficult, especially if the parents are not on good terms.

For some families, holidays will be divided in half, with the child spending the morning with one parent, and the afternoon with another.  For others, each parent will alternate holidays, with Thanksgiving with one parent in odd numbered years, and with the other in even numbered years.  If the parents can agree to a schedule that fits their family and what makes sense for the child, that schedule will be included in their separation agreement in their divorce.

If the parents cannot agree, it is then up to a judge to decide where the child is spending the holidays.  While judges have to do this regularly, they often times do not have enough information at a trial to determine the specific logistics of when pick up and drop off on July 4th, or any other holiday, should be.

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